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"Masivukeni" means "let's wake up" in English—so what are you waiting for?

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Masivukeni is a new adherence to HIV care and treatment intervention being piloted in South Africa. It is based on a proven dyadic-focused adherence intervention called "SMART Couples," which was developed at the HIV Center by Dr. Robert H. Remien and his colleagues. Masivukeni is a collaboration between CCNMTL, the HIV Center, and researchers at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

The Masivukeni intervention is a computer-based system used by non-professional peer counselors to help patients improve adherence to care by enlisting support from someone in their social support network (e.g., a partner, friend, or family member), so that together they can understand the importance of taking their medication as prescribed and maintaining high levels of overall treatment adherence.

The study is funded by the NIMH under a grant titled 'A Multimedia Social Support Intervention: Adherence to HIV Care in South Africa' and is in its second year.

For detailed information, visit CCNMTL's Masivukeni Project Page.